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Eligibility Requirements

  • Ages Served: Prenatal to age 3
  • Income Guidelines: 100% poverty
  • Geographic Area: Belknap and Merrimack Counties
  • Program Cost: Head Start/Early Head Start - free; Child Care - sliding scale

Fast Facts

  • This is a childhood development program that promotes school readiness
  • Center-based services are developmentally appropriate for infants, toddlers, and preschool ages
  • A variety of family supports are provided
  • Health screenings and nutrition support services are provided
  • Program offers parent involvement opportunities
  • Play group is offered for children in home-based services
  • Individualized services are offered for children of all abilities
  • Centers located in; Concord, Laconia, Franklin, Pittsfield and Warner
  • Low cost, extended day child care for working parents in Concord and Laconia



Concord Head Start/Early Head Start/Child Care,
67 Old Loudon Road,
Concord, NH
(603) 224-6492


Franklin Head Start/Early Head Start,
12 Rowell Drive,
Franklin, NH
(603) 934-2161


Laconia Head Start/Early Head Start/Child Care,
121 Belmont Road,
Laconia, NH
(603) 528-5334


Pittsfield Early Head Start,
7 Fayette Street,
Pittsfield, NH
(603) 435-6611


Heather Patton, Director,
Head Start/Early Head Start/Child Care,
Community Action Program, Belknap-Merrimack Counties, Inc.
P. O. Box 1016,
2 Industrial Park Drive,
Concord, NH 03301
603 225-3295


Please contact Head Start by phone at 603 225-3295 ext. 1127 or email at Headstart@capbm.org if you have questions. Forms can also be faxed to 603 228-1898  attention Early Head Start.

You may complete the following applications:  Head Start & Early Head Start Enrollment Application or Head Start & Early Head Start Prenatal Application. Completed applications can be submitted via email to Crystal Kennard-Emery at  ckennardemery@capbm.org.


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